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Replica Husqvarna 4-stroke

The currently very popular four-stroke crosser for the twinshock class is the Husky of 1984. Because this engine is now used for competition in the classic motocross we have adjusted the frame a bit. Our new Husqvarna 4 stroke frame has been designed in close collaboration with 4 stroke and motocross technician Chris Verlinden from Belgium.

There were several challenges that we had to meet.

The 1st and most important point, in the frame had to be ample room for a Keihin FCR carburetor that gives the engine great power gain. For this, the shape of the central top tube has been changed, and the side tubes can be dismantled, so that you can easily work on the Keihin carburetor during competitions.

The 2nd point, viewed from a riders position, had to be that the frame at the seat of the budy seat became a bit narrower for finer handling, but more space had to be created between shock absorbers – exhaust – plastic side shields. So the construction of the frame is narrower at this place, so that the sitting position became better, and the engine therefore clamps better between the legs / fits. Because of this adjustment, the original filter bin no longer fits, but we made a narrower filter bin where the original filters fit. .

These replicas of the Husqvarna 4-branch frames from the 70’s are produced by B.Z.S. Racing Parts recreated from high-quality chrome molybdenum tube (25CrMo4). The welding work is done TIG with special welding wire.

B.Z.S. Racing Parts supplies the frame incl. swingarm.
The complete frame incl. swingarm weighs 11.8 Kg


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