Maico ’81 (engine ’83-’84) replica frame

Replica Maico ’81 (engine ’83-’84)

On behalf of a customer, BZS has adapted a MAICO ’81 frame in such a way that the Maico engine block from ’83 and ’84 (shorter engine) fits in the frame and all parts of the ’81 can be used, except for the exhaust, the geometry is exactly that of the ’81 there, but the bottom frame has been modified so that the shorter block fits perfectly.

This exact replica is by B.Z.S. Racing Parts rebuilt with great precision from high-grade chromium-molybdenum tube (25CrMo4).

The welding takes place TIG with special welding wire.

These frames are thus supplied as a kit:
– Frame incl swing arm
– Axle and swing arm bearings
– Steering bearings

The complete frame including the swing arm weighs 14.4 kg
(Original Maico ’81 15,5 kg)

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