Kreidler history

The first Kreidler models

All models were equipped with a 50cc two-stroke engine, in most cases with a horizontal cylinder. The first scooter appeared in 1956 and the iconic Kreidler moped was launched in 1957. The Kreidler Florett was actually a light motorcycle. The success continued even when the motorcycle industry fell into the doldrums. Unfortunately for Kreidler the German law changed in 1980 replacing the 50cc class by an 80cc class.For the 80 cc class a license was required. Light engines also lost popularity compared to heavier types. Eventually Kreidler had to close its factory doors in 1983.

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The 50cc class

The 50cc class is a real Dutch class, they were in the 60’s the pioneers in the moped class as called on the tracks and was also called the shot class, both in the motocross and in the road race. In the road race the familiar names were Veen Kreidler (Durch importer of Kreidler mopeds) and HD which stands for Hein Drost who built alsp series of Kreidlers race bikes. In the motocross more names were active due its popularity at the time and being an easy beginner class for youth. It was Jan Boele and his assistant Dick de Jager who sold a complete 50cc motorcross bike, at the same time in Rouveen , André Gebben built his own machine in serie which became known as the Gebben Kreidler. Furthermore, in the south of the Netherlands, Harrie van Hout built his VHS Kreidler and in Soest Chris Homoet built the famous Homoet Kreidlers. This was the beginning of the Dutch history in the 50 cc motorcycle.

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