Ducati 250 mach1sc

Replica Ducati 250 mach 1 sc (Sport Corsa)

These exact replicas of the famous 1965 and 1966 known Ducati 250 mach 1 sc frames are rebuild by B.Z.S. Racing Parts with great precision and of high quality chromium molybdenum tube (25CrMo4).

The TIG welding is done with special welding wire. B.Z.S. Racing Parts builds the replica frame of this model one on one and in this frame various Ducati 1 cylinder engines can be mounted in this frame, including 125, 175, 200, 250 and 350 engines.

B.Z.S. Racing Parts supplies the frame incl. swingarm.

The complete frame incl. swingarm weighs 10.6 kg, making it almost 1/3 lighter than the original.


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