Gebben Kreidler 50cc cross

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Classic frames: Gebben Kreidler 50cc cross

André Gebben, the son of a motorcycle dealer from Rouveen, started during the winter of 1968-1969, after he had driven on several motorcycles, to build its own bike and the result was the Gebben Kreidler. After achieving many victories the demand for his bikes increased and the Gebben Kreidlers were built in series.

Everyone had his task, Gebben’s father took care of the finances, Klaas Knoll was hired as technical man, Klaas Knoll was at the time known for his K.K. cylinders for the extra horsepower and Rieks van der Wal took care of the assembly of the bikes and became later known as frame builder with the product name RIWA. Between 1972 and 1985the Gebben Kreidlers were the most common bikes in the 50 cc class.

The frame which you see on the photo is a frame which we have built for Dick Baan who now has several riders appearing on the circuits on this slightly adapted Gebben Kreidler.

These replicas are by B.Z.S. Racing Parts rebuild from a high chromium-molybdenum tube (25CrMo4). The TIG welding done with special welding wire. This frame is exclusive made for Mr. Baan and built to his specification


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