Maico ’81 replica frame

Replica Maico ’81 frame

After discussions with the factory mechanic from MAICO in the years ’78 to ’82, Steve Butler, and factory driver Yvan van de Broeck, we came to this result of the model ’81. This is because in the year ’81 three different frames were built and delivered. This version is the best MAICO ever built according to the ex factory team mechanic and factory rider. At that time he already got the nickname “The best twinshockbike ever build”

This exact replica is by B.Z.S. Racing Parts rebuilt with great precision from high-grade chromium-molybdenum tube (25CrMo4).

The welding takes place TIG with special welding wire.

These frames are thus supplied as a kit:
– Frame incl swing arm
– Axle and swing arm bearings
– Steering bearings

The complete frame including the swing arm weighs 14.4 kg
(Original Maico ’81 15,5 kg)

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