Homoet Kreidler 50cc cross

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Classic frames: Homoet Kreidler 50cc cross

During the same period as André Gebben and Harrie van Hout also Chris Homoet (Soest, The Netherlands) built his own Kreidlers and markets them under the name H. S. (Homoet Soest) The complete own build H.S. Kreidler of Chris dates from 1972 and got a lot of attention in the national class at the NMB.

His motorcycle was so popular that many "competitors" ordered a H.S. Kreidler from Chris. In 1982 the turnover increased significantly due to an order of the Kreidler factory for 20 complete motorcycles which should be sold by official Kreidler dealers. Unfortunately, the Kreidler factory went bankrupt when many parts were already finished,

These replicas are by B.Z.S. Racing Parts rebuild from a high chromium-molybdenum tube (25CrMo4). The TIG welding done with special welding wire. The photos of this Kreidler is a frame which we have made in the original molds of Chris Homoet


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