HD Kreidler 50cc race

Classic frames: HD Kreidler 50cc race

We have build the first 50cc road racing Kreidler frame for Adrie den Bekker who participates with this frame in 50cc classic road races. For the production of the first frame we were allowed to use the original mold from 1970. This mold was provided by the designer/constructor of these frames, Mr. Hein Drost, who unfortunately past away in 2010. He informed us that in this particular mold amongst others the frame was built with which Mr. Teunis Ramaker became Dutch champion in 1970.

This frame is constructed out of 25crMo4 tube, the complete frame including swingarm is TIG welded. This result in a very nice and sleek frame and after painting the frame the end result is the same as the original which was welded with copper. The complete frame including swingarm weighs 5300 grams.

The frame is constructed out of 22 x 1,5 tube and the swingarm out of 25 x 1,5 tube. The stockhead will be finished on exactly 40 mm so a conical bearing type 30203 can be fitted.

We are also able to supply the fuel tank, the buddyseat and race cockpit which are also modelled in the original molds.

Frame is incl. swingarm

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