Classic frames

Classic frames: Boele Kreidler 50 cc cross

The demand for classic 50cc riders we have built recently frames of the first marketed frames. At the frames are designed around 1965 by Mr Jan Boele in Haastrecht and built by Mr. D Hunter, who worked as an employee who was later known as a specialist in building special gearboxes.
The frames are built with great precision and equal to the frames 1965.

We provide these frames with a rear fork of a rectangular tube, or with a modified rear fork Kreidler such as the first time were delivered.

The frames are therefore built up from tube 22 x 1.5 25CrMo4 MIG / MAG welding.

The headset is nagekotterd 40 mm so this can be used a tapered roller bearing 30203.

If the demand is there, we will also have a polyester tank and a buddy seat to provide appropriate on this model.

Price includes frame swingarm € 1250, - (incl. 21% VAT)

Classic frames: HD Kreidler 50cc race

The first 50cc road racing frame for Kreidler we have built for Adrie den Bekker which now will (thus omitting) runs 50cc classic matches. The first frame, we may build the original mold from 1970. These we may borrow from the designer / builder of these frames Hein Drost, who unfortunately deceased in 2010. He told us that in this mold include the frame is made to Teunis Ramaker Dutch champion in 1970.

These frames we build (so omit) out 25CrMo4 tube. The whole frame including TIG welded swingarm. This looks super nice and tight, and if the frame is lacquered welding gives the same appearance as the original which were welded with copper. The frame and rear fork weighs 5300 grams.

The frame is made up of tube 22 x 1.5, and the rear fork 25 x 1.5.

The headset is nagkotterd 40 mm which can be chosen for taper roller bearing 30203.

We can also make the tank, providing the seat and the racing cockpit made also in the original molds.

Price includes frame swingarm € 1250, - (incl. 21% VAT)

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